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O1 visa

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Category: O1 visa

Update to O-1B Requirements

Update to O-1B Requirements US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued updated policy guidelines that clarify how it evaluates evidence to determine O-1B nonimmigrant

O1 Visa Requirements

What are the O1 Visa Requirements you will need to evidence to apply to work in the US as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability?

O Visa Qualifications & Requirements

What are the O visa qualifications and requirements you will need to evidence as part of your application as an alien of extraordinary ability?

How to Apply for a US Artist Visa

If you are travelling to the US to perform, you may need to apply for an artist visa. What are the application and eligibility requirements you will need to follow?

O Visa USA Processing Time

How long does the O visa take to process, and what can applicants do to avoid delays with their application?

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