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Which are the E Visa Treaty Countries?

E Visa Treaty Countries have a treaty of commerce in place with the United States which among other benefits, enable reciprocal nonimmigrant status for citizens.

January 8, 2018|

What is the Visa Waiver Program?

Travel restrictions affecting VWP travelers have become more stringent in recent years, and it will be important to confirm your eligibility, and ensure ESTA authorization is in place before you travel to the US.

December 20, 2017|

When is the H1B filing deadline?

H1B applications are subject to an annual cap, and the window for applications is open for only a brief period, making the competition for H1Bs intense.

December 10, 2017|

Form I-9 & Temporary Workers

As a mandatory requirement, US employers may well be familiar with form I-9. But with severe penalties for non-compliance, and use in respect of H1-B employees bringing additional complications, it is critical employers take the time and seek advice to get it right.

December 4, 2017|

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