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E2 Visa Investment Amount

According to the US Small Business Administration ( small businesses are a major contributor to the United States economy. The non-immigrant E-2 Treaty Investor visa to the United States is available for foreign nationals who are “investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business,” and is a great option for qualified entrepreneurs across all business sectors seeking to establish a presence in the United States.

November 27, 2017|

Choosing the Right Entity for an E2 US Investor Visa

Corporations have a required structure, with directors and officers, board meetings, board resolutions, annual meetings, etc. LLCs do not have the same formal management requirements, and their operating agreements may name any owner to act as the manager of the LLC or to elect no distinction between an owner and the manager of the LLC.

November 8, 2017|

Should you give up US Citizenship?

Internet tycoons, pop stars and Hollywood actors are not the only individuals renouncing US citizenship these days. Burdened with ever-increasing tax compliance regulations, onerous reporting obligations and mounting professional fees to accountants and advisors, ordinary Americans residing aboard are taking steps to simplify their lives by giving up US citizenship.

November 1, 2017|

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