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Webinar: Renunciation of US Citizenship – Should you Give Up Your US Citizenship?

Renouncing citizenship is a serious decision requiring careful consideration.

In this webinar recording, leading US immigration & nationality attorney, Nita Nicole Upadhye discusses:

  • Why do people give up US citizenship?
  • Can you travel and work in the United States after giving up citizenship?
  • How are children and other family members affected?
  • Can you renounce on behalf of your child?
  • If you have a criminal conviction, will you have problems entering the United States as a visitor in the future?
  • Can you give up your US passport while you are on US soil?
  • Could you ever get back your US citizenship?
  • What are the legal procedures and estimated timelines?
  • Would the US government ever say ‘no’?

By Nita Nicole Upadhye

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