Enhanced US Border Screening of High-Risk Travelers

Officials at US ports of entry have been authorized to conduct additional screening on individuals who present a known risk or individuals about whom more information is needed to make a determination of risk.

In a statement, published on 20 January 2020, US Customs and Border Protection refer specifically to “Iran and its proxies” and that the new measure may result in some travelers experiencing increased wait times and subsequent interviews when attempting to gain entry into the country.

Referrals for enhanced screening may be triggered by factors such as the traveller’s activities, associations and travel patterns.

The changes have raised concerns about discrimination and singling out travelers on the basis of nationality.

The CBP however has stated that it has “established strict oversight policies and procedures to ensure traveler screening practices adhere to all constitutional and statutory requirements. CBP is committed to protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of every individual whom we encounter. Our officers are trained to enforce U.S. laws uniformly and fairly and they do not discriminate based on religion, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.”


Last updated: February 19, 2020