E2 Spouse Visa Interview (What to Expect)

E2 Spouse Visa Interview (What to Expect)

How should you prepare for your E2 spouse visa interview?

If you are applying for a derivative E2 visa as a spouse, you will be required to attend an interview as part of your application. Visa interviews are standard requirements for applicants between the ages of 14 and 79, which means any dependant children over the age of 14 will usually also have to attend the interview. 

The format of the interview and the requirements on applicants will be determined by the Consular post where you have filed your petition, and whether you are applying for your dependant visa at the same time as your spouse, ie the principal visa holder. 

The interview is used to confirm your identity and to confirm you meet the visa requirements. 

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Concurrent E2 spouse visa application

To apply for the E visa, both principal and dependant applicants must each complete and file form DS-160. 

If you file your DS-160 at the same time as the principal visa applicant, you will be invited to interview at the same time. 

In most cases, the interview will focus on the principal applicant, their company and proposed activity while in the US. As a dependant spouse, you will not be expected to answer questions relating to the enterprise unless you will be actively involved in the company.

This means the focus of the questioning is most likely to be directed at the principal applicant. The E visa has a complex criteria and the adjudicating officer will be looking to assess the eligibility of both the principal applicant (your spouse) and their proposed enterprise against the requirements. 

E2 spouses should however expect to be asked to evidence your identity and your relationship to the principal applicant (marriage certificate). 

Also prepare to answer questions about your travel history, your ties to your country of residence (as the E2 visa is temporary) and planned itinerary and arrangements once you are in the US. For example: 

  • Have you ever visited the US before? If so, when?
  • While in the US, will you maintain ties with your home country eg house, business?
  • What are your plans for after the E-2 visa expiry?


That being said, it is important to be well-versed in your business plan and your intentions before going in for your interview. Have a binder with all of your documents and evidence clearly labelled so that both you and the officer can easily find necessary information. You immigration attorney can help you organize your binder in a way that works best for your E-2 visa interview.


Phased E2 spouse visa application

Some applicants opt to stagger their petitions. In this way, the principal applicant first proceeds with their E-2 application, submitting their DS-160 and supporting documentation and then attending the visa interview.

If their application approved, their dependant spouse and children then file their applications for the derivative E-2 visa. This will be followed by the interview. 

As dependants are not questioned in relation to the E visa activity or enterprise, their applications will not be processed by the E visa unit and their visa interview will not delve into the E company. Rather, the interview will focus on confirming the dependants’ identities, their relationship to the principal applicant and the validity of the principal holder’s visa.

E2 Spouse Visa Documentation 

Ordinarily, dependants would not need to submit any documents before you interview. The instructions provided by the consulate will advise if this is not the case. 

However, you should attend the interview well prepared and with documents to support your application in the required format. 

You should bring documents to prove your identity and your relationship to the principal visa holder: 

  • Marriage certificate (original)
  • Birth certificate for dependant children (original)
  • Current, valid passports
  • Copy of the primary applicant E-2 visa
  • DS 160 confirmation page(s)
  • Proof of payment for application fee(s) – remember, E-2 dependents are also required to pay the $105 reciprocal fee at the visa interview.

On the day 

Arrive at the consulate office around 30 minutes before your interview is due to start. You will need to pass through security and check in. 

While you wait for your interview, your passport will be checked and your biometric information taken. You will then be called in for the interview. 


In most cases, the adjudicator will advise you straightaway if you have been successful. 

If you are successful, your passport will be retained while the visa is issued. You can expect your passport to be returned in 3-5 working days.

If your asked by the officer to provide further evidence, there will necessarily be a delay in decision making while the new evidence is considered. This highlights the importance of being well prepared with your documents and taking advice to ensure you have thought i advance of all likely questions.

E2 spouses can then go on to apply for US employment authorization by filing the form I-765 with USCIS.  If approved, there is no specific restriction as to whether they may work.  Please visit the USCIS website at www.uscis.gov for further information.

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We can support the principal applicant and all dependants, and advise on any queries relating to the E2 spouse visa interview, including compiling supporting documentation. As with all US visa interviews, full and honest disclosure is essential, and preparation makes the difference. 

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This article does not constitute direct legal advice and is for informational purposes only.

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