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Category: H1-B

H1B Visa Validity Rules

H1B Visa Validity Rules As the most oversubscribed US work visa, the H1B allows the holder to live and work in the US for up

Can H1B Visa Dependants Work in the US?

Who can apply for an H-1B dependant visa to work? With an H-4 visa, spouses of H1B visa holders can apply for employment authorization to take up paid work in the US.

H-1B Visa In-Country Renewal Pilot

H-1B Visa In-Country Renewal Pilot H-1B visa holders will be permited to apply to renew their status while in the USA, under a new pilot

Spouse Visa for H1B Holder

As a spouse of an H1B visa holder, you can apply for a non-immigrant classification H-4 visa to join your spouse in the United States.

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