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Category: H1-B

From L1 to H1B: Visa Conversion

L1B to H1B conversion: If you are an L-1B visa holder in the US, you may be looking at a change of status to the H-1B visa.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

H1B Visa Interview Questions If you are looking to come to the United States for work in a highly specialized job role, even with an

H-1B Visa Lottery (How Does it Work?)

The H-1B visa lottery is a random selection stage, which applicants must be successful in before they can proceed to make a full petition for the H-1B visa.

How to Check your H1B Case Status

How to Check your H1B Case Status There are multiple stages to the H1B cap visa application process, including the electronic registration, Labor Condition Application

Extending H1B Status

Extending H1B status If you would like to remain in the United States under the H1B classification, you will need to know if you are

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