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Category: H1-B

H-1B Visa Lottery (How Does it Work?)

The H-1B visa lottery is a random selection stage, which applicants must be successful in before they can proceed to make a full petition for the H-1B visa.

H1-B: Second Lottery for FY 2024

H1B Second Lottery Announced for FY 2024 USCIS has confirmed that a second H1-B lottery will be undertaken for the 2024 fiscal year. In a

H1B Cap Exempt Guide

H1B cap exempt guide for employers When petitioning on behalf of an overseas H1B worker to fill a specialty occupation role, most employers will be

Are You An H1B Resident Alien?

If you are an H1B non-resident alien working in the USA, do you need to pay tax to the IRS on your US earnings?

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