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L1 Visa

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Category: L1 Visa

From L1 to H1B: Visa Conversion

L1B to H1B conversion: If you are an L-1B visa holder in the US, you may be looking at a change of status to the H-1B visa.

L1 Visa Change of Employer or Job

Can You Change Employer or Job on an L-1 Visa? If you are currently working in the United States as an intracompany transferee on an

L1 Visa Transfer FAQs

L1 Visa Transfer – Common questions about transfering to a US branch or subsidiary.

How Long Does an L1 Visa Take?

Applicants can expect the L-1 visa application processing time to be between 6 – 12 months, depending on a number of factors.

L1 Visa Interview Questions

What are the L1 Visa interview questions you could be asked as part of your intracompany transfer visa application?

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